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Playing with #rstatsnyc, Neo4J and R

9 minute read

A search on Twitter, some R, and just enough Neo4J. Disclaimer: of course everything here could be done in pure R. But hey, where’s the fun in that? ...

[How to] Write a purrr-like adverb

2 minute read

Create your own safely, compose and friends! What is an adverb If you read carefully the purrr documentation, you’ll find this simple explanation : Adv...

dockerfiler is now on CRAN

1 minute read

{dockerfiler} is a package that comes with a simple, object oriented API for Dockerfile creation, straight from your R session. Now on CRAN. Installation Y...

Explain R environments like I’m five

3 minute read

“Can you explain me what are environments in R?” The beginning of a series of blogpost about R concepts, explained to my daughter. Side note: no, my dau...