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About lazy evaluation

13 minute read

A follow-up on Thomas Lumley follow-up post on Miles McBain post about quotation. In this post, Thomas is continuing Miles exploration of the concept of quo...

A quick #WorldEmojiDay exploration

6 minute read

Let’s celebrate #WorldEmojiDay with a quick exploration of my own twitter account. The 📦 We’ll need: From Github {emo} remote::install_github("had...

[Web2Day] Producing web content with R

5 minute read

Earlier this week, my talk at the Web2Day conference was put online. Here is an english summary for those who don’t understand french :) Disclaimer: this...

Happy dev with {purrr}

6 minute read

A transcription of my talk at the Rencontres R 2018. 7th Rencontres R From the 4th to 6th of July, I was with ThinkR at the 7th edition of the Rencontres R...