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Collecting tweets with R and {rtweet}

6 minute read

Some arguments in favor of {rtweet}, an amazing package by Michael W. Kearney. Note: this post has been update after recent changes of {rtweet} and {tidy...

{proustr} 0.2.0 is on CRAN

9 minute read

{proustr} 0.2.0 just hit the CRAN yesterday. Here’s the new stuffs just waiting for you. About {proustr} This package is designed to give you access to t...

De passage à la Nantes Digital Week

less than 1 minute read

Cette semaine, j’interviens sur la question de la dataviz à la Nantes Digital Week : mardi au Medialab Speedtraining, et mercredi à Datarama ! 2017-09-19 D...

[New Package] {tidystringdist}

3 minute read

Compute string distance the tidy way. A package built on top of the {stringdist} package. Why tidystringdist I’ve lately been playing with string distance ...

R6 and parent exposure

1 minute read

About R6 and parent exposure. Default inheritance By default, R6 objects can only herit from their direct parent. But you may need to create an inheritance...