💻 What I’m doing right now 💻

Data Scientist & R Hacker at ThinkR

  • Software Engineering, focused on R and JavaScript
  • Data Science Engineering
  • Consulting
  • Training

Cofounder of the Breizh Data Club

The Breizh Data Club is a professionnal association that aims at gathering data lovers from Brittany and beyond.

Founder and editor in chief of Data Bzh

Data Bzh is a collaborative data-blogging platform that wants to democratize Brittany & data throught data analysis and visualisition.

In 2016, Data Bzh won the Trophée Open Data 2016 (More on that).

🤹 Skills 🤹

Programming languages








Data Science Engineering

  • Software Engineering (R & JavaScript)
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Infrastructure Engineering

🎓 Education 🎓

Official RStudio Certificate

RStudio Certified R Administrator

Full Service Certified Partners certification since 2019-01

  • RStudio Connect
  • RStudio Package Manager
  • RStudio Server

RStudio Certified R Instructor

  • RStudio Official Tidyverse Instructor since 2020-04

  • RStudio Official Shiny Instructor since 2020-04

Various Training I followed while on the Job

  • Docker & Kubernetes, with Objectif Libre

  • Advanced Git, with Human Coders


2014: Master 2 Information et Communication, Université de Rennes 2 parcours EPIC, mention Bien (15,5)

2012: Master Langues, Cultures Étrangères et Régionales, Université de Rennes 2 parcours Aire anglophone mention Bien (15,5)