Serve your dataset in RStudio Connection Pane with {fryingpane}

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Serve the dataset from a package in RStudio Connection Pane.


{fryingpane} is a nice R dad joke a package that has only two functions:

  • cook: serve the dataset from a package in your RStudio Connection Pane:

  • serve: create a function in your package that will serve the datasets from the package inside the Connection Pane, with this kind of code:
#' Launch Connection Pane
#' @export
#' @importFrom fryingpane serve
#' @example 

open_connection <- fryingpane::serve("mypkg")

You can install it with:

# install.packages("remotes")

Why this package ?

This package, depsite is (obvious) usefullness, was a neat opportunity for me to learn how to deal with RStudio Connection Pane - an adventure I’ll be sharing on rtask in a near future. I have to say this RStudio feature seems promising, even if a little bit complex to handle in the first place.

Meanwhile if you have any idea for improving the package (I could for example put some buttons on top of the Connection Panel), feel free to open an issue on the GitHub repo.



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