Hi! I'm Colin, welcome on my website.

I'm a Data Analyst, R Trainer and Social Media Manager at ThinkR, Founder of Data Bzh and part of R Weekly team. I'm passionate about everything R related. I'm also into linguistics, text-mining, open source, and open data.

You'll find here more info about me, everything about my open source projects, and a blog where I randomly write about R and other stuffs.

On the blog :

Recent Posts

Predict french vote with R

2 minute read

Let’s try a prediction of the french presidential vote, based on the results from the first round.

#RStats — API calls et Sys.sleep

1 minute read

J’ai récemment reçu un mail concernant mon post sur l’API Discogs, disant que le code ne fonctionnait pas. Il s’est avéré que cela était dû aux nouvelles lim...

Rstats Create A Pixel Map With R

2 minute read

The whole webdesign of Data Bzh has recently been updated. With it, a new header containing a pixelized map of Brittany. Here’s how you can replicate it in R...