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dockerfiler is now on CRAN

1 minute read

{dockerfiler} is a package that comes with a simple, object orienteted API for Dockerfile creation, straight from your R session. Now on CRAN.

Some random R benchmarks

6 minute read

Some random (one could say useless) benchmarks on R, serious or for fun, and some advices to make your code run faster.

{attempt} is now on CRAN

10 minute read

2018 new year resolution: writing one package a month 🎉 Let’s launch this with {attempt}, a package which extends and facilitates condition handling.

[New Package] {tidystringdist}

3 minute read

Compute string distance the tidy way. A package built on top of the {stringdist} package. Why tidystringdist I’ve lately been playing with string distance ...

R6 and shared objects

2 minute read

A short tutorial about how to share objects between all instances of an R6 class.

languagelayeR 1.1.0 is now on CRAN

2 minute read

I took a studious resolution for this summer: update, clean and create better docs for my old packages which are on the CRAN. languagelayeR is the first to g...

New R Package — proustr

1 minute read

proustr is now on CRAN. An R Package for Marcel Proust’s A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu This package gives you access to all the books from Marcel Proust ...

Predict french vote with R

2 minute read

Let’s try a prediction of the french presidential vote, based on the results from the first round.

Rstats Create A Pixel Map With R

2 minute read

The whole webdesign of Data Bzh has recently been updated. With it, a new header containing a pixelized map of Brittany. Here’s how you can replicate it in R...

#RStats — API calls and Sys.sleep

1 minute read

Lately, I received a mail concerning my blogpost on Discogs API, saying the code didn’t work. Turned out it was due to new API limitations. Here’s how to get...

rpinterest now on CRAN

less than 1 minute read

This R package allows you to access the Pinterest API. Now on CRAN.


#RStats — API calls et Sys.sleep

1 minute read

J’ai récemment reçu un mail concernant mon post sur l’API Discogs, disant que le code ne fonctionnait pas. Il s’est avéré que cela était dû aux nouvelles lim...

All I want for Christmas is a #Dataviz

2 minute read

Avant de vous lancer dans le marathon de repas de Noël, deux visualisations de données tirées de l’API lastfm… pour la requête “Christmas” !

languagelayeR 1.0.0 disponible sur le CRAN

less than 1 minute read

Cet outil permet de détecter la langue d’une suite de mots, en se connectant à l’API languagelayer. Un package R maintenant disponible sur le CRAN.

rgeoapi 1.1.0 disponible sur le CRAN !

less than 1 minute read

Ce package R orienté SIG interroge la base de donnée cartographique française. Il est désormais disponible en version stable sur le CRAN !

Mise à jour du package R : rgeoapi

2 minute read

L’API GéoAPI a subi des modifications récentes, qui ont nécessité une mise à jour du package R permettant d’interroger cette ressource.


De passage à la Nantes Digital Week

less than 1 minute read

Cette semaine, j’interviens sur la question de la dataviz à la Nantes Digital Week : mardi au Medialab Speedtraining, et mercredi à Datarama !