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R packages


Development and code helpers

  • attempt

A friendlier condition handler, inspired by ‘purrr’ mappers and based on ‘rlang’.

Natural Language Processing

  • proustr

Tools for Doing Natural Language Processing with Proust’s Novels

A wrapper around Lexique3.81, a Natural Language Processing Database for French.

String distance calculation the tidy way.

Web and API

  • wtfismyip

A simple, dependency free wrapper around wtfismyip.

An R package to access the Pinterest API

This package requests informations from the french GéoAPI inside R

Access the languagelayer API with R


  • naniar

Tidy data structures, summaries, and visualisations for missing data.

Download data from individual XKCD comic.



  • talkR

Bots retweeting language specific R hashtags.

Julia packages


  • LoremJulia

A basic lorem ipsum generator made in Julia.


  • Twitter Corpus

An automatically collected tweets database. Free to use.

Data Bzh Open Data

Various open data datasets.

Just for fun

  • tuRbonegro

This R package plays a random Turbonegro clip in your R Viewer (More info).