We Run for RLadies

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Hey internet, it’s me again!

If you follow this blog, you’ve seen two weeks ago that we launched a “Run for RLadies” online event, where you could sponsor runners from the RStats Strava Club (and others), by matching 1$/€ by km run during a run made on the week-end of the 3rf and 4th of October.

Here is a short summary of how much km each runner run:

  • Colin F - 21,10 km
  • Jacquie T - 15,02 km
  • Benjamin M - 21,10 km
  • Wal M - 10,01 km
  • Megan B - 30,1 km
  • Theoni P - 7 km
  • Johne P - 9,35 km

What to do now?

If you’re a sponsor, and even if you’re not, you can do a donation to RLadies using the “Donate” button on their website: it’s on the bottom right corner if you’re on a computer, and on the very bottom if you’re on a mobile 💪. If you have a PayPal account, the process takes about 20 seconds ;)

If you don’t want/are not able to match the distance run by a specific runner, you can also do a donation of any amount: it can be $1, $2, $10… anything helps! For example, a Zoom pro account (for 500 users), costs around $200 a year: that’s 20 people donating $10 (of course, RLadies are free to do what they want with the donation, I just wanted to show that every donation, whatever the amount, can help ;) ).



What do you think?