The relational databases part of this manual is based in part on an earlier manual by Douglas Bates and Saikat DebRoy. The principal author of this manual was Brian Ripley.

Many volunteers have contributed to the packages used here. The principal authors of the packages mentioned are

DBI David A. James
dataframes2xls Guido van Steen
foreign Thomas Lumley, Saikat DebRoy, Douglas Bates, Duncan Murdoch and Roger Bivand
gdata Gregory R. Warnes
ncdf4 David Pierce
rJava Simon Urbanek
RJDBC Simon Urbanek
RMySQL David James and Saikat DebRoy
RNetCDF Pavel Michna
RODBC Michael Lapsley and Brian Ripley
ROracle David A, James
RPostgreSQL Sameer Kumar Prayaga and Tomoaki Nishiyama
RSPerl Duncan Temple Lang
RSPython Duncan Temple Lang
RSQLite David A, James
SJava John Chambers and Duncan Temple Lang
WriteXLS Marc Schwartz
XLConnect Mirai Solutions GmbH
XML Duncan Temple Lang

Brian Ripley is the author of the support for connections.