Learning Shiny for Production

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Hey Shiny devs of the world! I’m leading a training in July about building a Shiny application for production. It will be a 10 half-day session, with everything happening remotely, meaning that you can attend from anywhere in the world 🎉.

During this online workshop, I’ll share a lot of what we know about building a robust Shiny application that is ready to be sent to production: {golem}, prototyping, modules, reactivity, a little bit of JavaScript for Shiny, and how and where to deploy your application once it’s ready.

I’m very excited about this training as it will cover a lot of the things we’ve been working on for the past months, and will guide you towards being a better Shiny programmer. And on top of that, we will be working on our brand new online e-learning platform, which I’ve been developing since the beginning of 2020 (and I’m sure you will enjoy it!).

We still have a couple of tickets left to this session, so if you want to know more, and register, please visit Learning Shiny for Production – Remote session.

See you there!



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