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De passage à la Nantes Digital Week

less than 1 minute read

Cette semaine, j’interviens sur la question de la dataviz à la Nantes Digital Week : mardi au Medialab Speedtraining, et mercredi à Datarama ! 2017-09-19 D...

[New Package] {tidystringdist}

3 minute read

Compute string distance the tidy way. A package built on top of the {stringdist} package. Why tidystringdist I’ve lately been playing with string distance ...

R6 and parent exposure

1 minute read

About R6 and parent exposure. Default inheritance By default, R6 objects can only herit from their direct parent. But you may need to create an inheritance...

R6 and shared objects

2 minute read

A short tutorial about how to share objects between all instances of an R6 class. When you create a new object which is an instance of an R6 class, it conta...