Hi! I'm Colin, welcome on my website.

I'm a Data Analyst, R Trainer and Social Media Manager at ThinkR, Founder of Data Bzh, cofounder of the Breizh Data Club association, Organizer of the Breizh Data Club Meetup in Rennes, and part of the R Weekly team.

I'm passionate about everything R related. I'm also into linguistics, text-mining, open source, and open data. I'm quite fluent in HTML and CSS, but I feel better when I'm not using them. Also, I hope I'll have some time soon to learn how to be good at JavaScript, instead of just tinkering it.

You'll find on this website more info about me, everything about my open source projects (with any luck I'll keep this page updated), and a blog where I randomly write about R and other stuffs.

I'm rather active on Twitter, so you can follow me down there. I mostly tweet about Data Science, #RStats, and (full disclosure) sometimes about stuffs that are totally unrelated to the topic I just mentioned.

I also try to keep my GitHub contribution tree rather full, so you can follow me there if you'd like to watch me turn grey cubes into green cubes.

On the blog :

Recent Posts

#RStats — API calls et Sys.sleep

1 minute read

J’ai récemment reçu un mail concernant mon post sur l’API Discogs, disant que le code ne fonctionnait pas. Il s’est avéré que cela était dû aux nouvelles lim...

Rstats Create A Pixel Map With R

2 minute read

The whole webdesign of Data Bzh has recently been updated. With it, a new header containing a pixelized map of Brittany. Here’s how you can replicate it in R...

#RStats — API calls and Sys.sleep

1 minute read

Lately, I received a mail concerning my blogpost on Discogs API, saying the code didn’t work. Turned out it was due to new API limitations. Here’s how to get...